Reporter Puts McConnell In The Hot Seat, Asks If It’s Okay To Tell His Immigrant Wife To “Go Back To Your Country”

Well, I, Uh, Um...

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On Tuesday, as Senator Mitch McConnell was taking questions from reporters, he got hit with one that he clearly was not expecting, and appeared to be genuinely flummoxed by it for a few moments before returning to standard Republican talking points.

But what a few moments they were.

CNN’s Manu Raju asked the Majority Leader, based on the fact that his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, was a naturalized immigrant to the United States from Taiwan, whether or not he would consider someone telling her to “go back to her country” if she disagreed with them politically would be a racist thing to say.


Now, I’m going to include video here, but don’t go getting your hopes up that Mitch will ever actually answer the question directly — it’s a Catch-22, and he knows that if he answers in the negative or the affirmative, he’s going to be in trouble.

Mitch opted to answer a question that wasn’t asked, instead: He told the assembled group of reporters that he favors “legal immigration” and that he’s a “big fan” of it.

The irony of that answer, of course, is that the only member of The Squad that Trump attacked over the weekend who was born outside the United States also came here legally, and has absolutely nothing to do with his answer. If he favors legal immigration and that’s what he would consider the primary factor in whether or not the President’s statement was racist, then he’s STILL calling it racist, because Rep. Ilhan Omar did come here legally.


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