Reporter Asks Rand Paul About Dangers Of Outing Whistleblower, Paul Doesn’t Appear To Understand How The Constitution Works

Really, Rand?

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Trump’s Kentucky rally last night didn’t seem to make a whole lot of news — they all seem to sort of blend together now, a melange of racism, belligerence, and stupidity that just travels from city to city like a drunken circus show.

In fact, the biggest difference between rallies seems to be the guests he brings up to the podium to share the limelight with him, and how hard each of them goes into Trumpworld. That is to say, how much his guests seem to hitch their political wagons to his when he makes a campaign stop in their state.

Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul, made it a regular wagon train. As he spoke during his appearance in Lexington with the President, he echoed almost everything Trump said about the impeachment inquiry, almost word for word.


But if you were hoping he had some sense and was simply putting on a show for the MAGA/KAG crowd, tough luck, because Senator Paul is still spouting the same nonsense about the whistleblower today — that Trump should have the “right to face his accuser,” which is an aspect of the Due Process Clause of the Constitution.

That’s almost ironic since Senator Paul sat on the Homeland Security Committee that authorized the Whistleblower Protection Coordination Act at the end of 2017 that specifically provided for the anonymity of whistleblowers in order to protect them from retaliation or harm.

Nevertheless, Paul was adamant to a reporter today as she asked him whether or not he thought exposing the whistleblower who alerted authorities to the impropriety of Donald Trump’s actions on Ukraine might pose a danger to that individual:

Of course, the 6th Amendment applies to criminal trials, not an impeachment inquiry or investigation, and aside from that, the “accuser” in this case isn’t the whistleblower, it’s the US House, should they draw up articles of impeachment.

I would suggest to the senator that if he’s not going to actually read the Constitution before citing it, perhaps we should have a look and see if he actually read any of his books on medicine before he embarked on his career as an obstetrician. He’s certainly already guilty of political malpractice.

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