Report Suggests Donald Trump Wrongly Told The Military They Would Be Getting “All Brand New” Fleet Of Aircraft During Call

He just can't help it. It's like he HAS to lie.

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As we’re all painfully aware by this point, Donald Trump has a really nasty habit of opening his mouth and just allowing whatever to fall out of it. Doesn’t much matter if it’s true or not. Doesn’t even really matter if it’s so easily disproven that a toddler could do it. He tends to just say whatever he feels like saying — legitimate facts and truth be damned.

During his recent conference call with American troops for Christmas, Donald did exactly that when he told the group of military members that they were the proud new owners of an “all brand new” fleet of aircrafts all thanks to him.

Only there is no “all brand new” fleet of aircraft and Donald Trump is still the same ol’ lying piece of shit we’ve all come to know and positively loathe.


“I have to just ask you one question,” Trump stated when speaking to service members of the Air Force during his recent Christmas conference call with the troops. “We spent a lot of money on brand new airplanes, as you know. Three years ago you didn’t have brand new airplanes, you were not doing well, and now you have all brand new. Are you seeing the big difference? They’re already arriving.”

In response to Trump’s less-than-humble brag about some airplanes that don’t even exist, Lt. Col. Daniel Wassmuth told number 45 that the military was “thriving” and “extremely lethal” but never made a whisper of a mention of a new fleet of aircraft — almost assuredly because they just don’t exist.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale wasted no time in calling Trump out on his bullshit lie to the troops.

“Trump told the troops in his Christmas video conference call that they used to have old planes three years ago, but ‘now you have all brand new,'” Dale’s tweet read in reference to Donald’s false claim.

“As of late 2018, the average age of an Air Force plane was 28 years — 26 for fighters, 42 for bombers, 54 for tankers.”

“Trump’s administration has ordered a bunch of new military planes,” Dale continued in another tweet. “But even after these go into service, calling the fleet ‘all brand new’ will be wrong.” — per a report from the Congressional Budget Office.

It almost makes sense for Donald to make sure he could squeeze in one more shitty lie before the year wrapped up.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House

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