Report Claims Trump Pitched A Fit On One Of The His Biggest Mega-Donors, Accused Him Of Not Spending Enough Money On His Campaign

That is NOT how you make friends, Donnie boy.

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We all know good and well that Donald Trump is getting increasingly scared and desperate as November’s election closes in on him with almost all the polls pointing to a pretty massive loss for America’s biggest embarrassment. But according to various new reports, Donald’s desperation and fear recently reached a new height when he allegedly lashed out at one of his biggest, most faithful mega-donors during a phone call.

Billionaire CEO and chairman of casino company Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson, has served as one of the Republican Party’s most massive donors — donating disgusting amounts of money to Donald Trump over the years with the expectation of donating a starting $100 million more to his campaign in 2020. With a source telling The Guardian earlier this year that he could potentially spend up to $200 million.

However, after a recent phone call with the mega-donor, that was supposed to have been about his economic policies, Trump may have shit the bed and left Republican Party officials to clean up his mess after he allegedly attacked Sheldon for not donating enough to the Trump 2020 presidential campaign.


Three different sources who are familiar with the phone call in question told Politico about the tantrum Trump threw on one of his biggest donors, in which the president asked the casino mogul why he hadn’t poured more money into his presidential campaign, and admitted that several Republican campaign officials were in a panic, trying to clean up the mess that Donald made.

The report from Politico says that Sheldon chose not to retaliate against Trump, but several allies admitted that it was still unclear as to whether or not Sheldon, whose past support for Donald Trump earned him the nickname “Trump’s Patron-in-Chief”, would be continuing with his massive financial backing of Trump after the phone conversation.

It seems that Donald has now officially reached the point where he’s digging his own hole. We just have to hope we can make it until November.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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