Report Claims Trump Organization Evicted Stroke Victim In Order To Get Higher Rent Payment

This makes my stomach hurt.

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There’s never been a single president in the history of presidents that’s been even considered as cookie-cutter “perfect.” George W. Bush got busted driving drunk in his 30s. John F. Kennedy was rumored to be a serial adulterer. And Clinton, well, you know.

Even Barack Obama had a few things notched into his belt that I’m sure he, along with the rest of the world, wasn’t necessarily the proudest of.

However, the majority of them have been good, decent people at their cores with the best interest of America and humankind at heart.


And then you have Donald Trump.

As president, the man has pretty much pulled the shittiest of the shittiest out of that fiendish proverbial tophat of his — separating brown families and caging their children at our southern border, attempting to rob millions of Americans of their healthcare, and cutting benefits from this nation’s weakest people just for starters.

But in case you weren’t aware, Trump was just as equally cruel and heartless before he got his hands on the keys to the White House.

At the green, young age of just 33, Trump’s company threw 74-year-old widow, Mary Filan, who had just recently suffered a stroke out of her Queens apartment in what appeared to be an attempt to make more money off the unit with a different tenant — with the Trump Organization ultimately sending “three big fat men” to remove not only the entirety of Finlan’s belongings but her bed-ridden body, as well, leaving it all outside the building on Barclay Avenue in Flushing.

In the wake of her eviction, Filan told Joe Conason, who originally covered the story in a paper edition of The Village Voice, “They said they’d come to put me on the street because I owed four months rent. I don’t owe back rent. The last thing I got from Trump was a bill for $10.20, about two weeks ago, and I sent that. They just want me out because they can get twice as much rent.”

The journalist followed up with the Trump spokesperson at the time who stated, “The Trumps don’t get involved in any of that.” The spokesperson continued by explaining that he wasn’t aware of Finlan’s eviction and reported that the elderly tenant didn’t “give loud parties, or cause property damage, or threaten her neighbors, who are actually fond of her.”

Conason concluded his reporting with a discussion surrounding the multiple, generous tax cuts Donald was receiving from the city at the time, stating, “Two thoughts persist: How would Donald Trump feel if some corporation evicted his ill and aging parent, without notice or compassion, removing all possessions to some unknown location? And how does Trump manage to have taxpayers subsidize so many of his enterprises?”

Frankly, the transgressions of presidents to come before him simply pale in comparison to the cruelty, hatred, and viciousness that Donald Trump has been taking part in his entire like.

You can read the original story, including a copy of the original paper article here.

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