Report Claims Rudy Giuliani Is Attempting To Put Himself In The Position Of “Personal Science Advisor” To Trump As He Continues To Push Unproven Drugs For Coronavirus

Just when you thought this circus couldn't get any worse.

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Former New York Mayor and personal attorney to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, evidently just couldn’t let go of his fifteen minutes of fame now that the Ukraine scandal is officially a dud and has now seemingly forced himself back into the spotlight and the headlines, once again on behalf of his dear leader, according to a new report from the Washington Post.

Trump’s personal pro bono attorney has now apparently diverted his attention from the Bidens and Ukraine and instead zeroed in on the dangerous, unproven claims his boss has been making lately regarding drugs to treat the massive, deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The Post rightfully described Giuliani’s push for the malaria treatment hydroxychloroquine as well as a stem cell treatment that the former mayor described as removing “placenta killer cells” as an attempt on the attorney’s part to position himself as “personal science advisor” to his boss, Donald Trump.


It’s bad enough that the president has so many cronies willing to do his dirty work and push his nonsense. But it makes matters all the worse when the nonsense they’re pushing is quite literally deadly — after a husband and wife attempted to vaccinate themselves from the virus with a fish tank cleaner that bears a similar name to the drug Trump is wrongfully touting.

The information Rudy is gathering from Trump and using to push himself into a “relevant” position once more since it seems as though he can’t live without the approval of Donald, is “worrying health experts who fear such comments undermine efforts to slow the virus’s spread and downplay the risks of the unproven treatments,” according to the report from the Post.

Giuliani told the publication that he’s been in talks with Trump himself regarding the controversial drug “three or four times” in addition to seeking guidance from a controversial, conservative Long Island doctor and a pharmacist who’s already pleaded guilty to attempting to extort Steven Seagal — so, in short, not exactly an ideal pool of “experts.”

Giuliani’s biographer, Andrew Kirtzman, spoke with WaPo and revealed the reason behind Rudy’s recent push of Trump’s dangerous drug narrative:

“​He’s been out of the news and out of the limelight since the end of the impeachment drama. What you’re seeing is an effort to regain relevance.”

You can read the full report here.

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