Record Number Of Kentuckians Are Registered To Vote Ahead Of Election, Doesn’t Seem To Look Good For Mitch McConnell’s Chances At Re-Election

This is not good news for Moscow Mitch. Not good news at all.

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According to a recent announcement from Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a record-breaking number of Kentuckians are now registered to vote as of January 31st — a staggering number of 3.4 million registered Kentuckians, marking a new all-time high for the state.

“I encourage every eligible person who is not registered to vote to do so by April 20, the last day to register to vote in the May 19 primary,” the GOP Secretary of State urged his constituents in his announcement.

He went on to state that Kentucky enjoyed “relatively high voter turnout in 2019” and continued by saying that he hopes “Kentuckians will show up strong at the polls” to cast their votes for president, senator, and elected state officials, as well.


But being as Adams is a champion of Donald Trump and his GOP-run government, I’m not so sure he won’t be regretting that encouragement once election season is said and done.

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office reports that, of those registered to vote in the state of Kentucky, 48 percent are registered as Democrats, 43 percent Republicans, and 9 percent are “listed under other affiliations.”

Kentucky’s recent gubernatorial election, where we finally saw the demise of Republican Governor Matt Bevin, serves as a relatively good indicator that this sudden influx in voter registration doesn’t bode well for Kentucky Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who’s on the chopping block alongside Trump this year.

Bevin’s ousting made way for his Democratic replacement, Andy Beshear, to restore the rights of approximately 100,000 non-violent felony offenders — meaning there are a lot more people with the ability to vote now and chances are they aren’t itching to cast theirs in favor of the party that worked to keep them silenced.

But Bevin’s loss isn’t the only thing indicative of a similar outcome in regard to McConnell.

Newsweek recently reported that McConnell’s likely Democratic challenger, Amy McGrath, raised a staggering $17 million in fundraising in the last six months of 2019 as part of her effort to unseat Mitch McConnell.

Morning Consult also recently reported that despite Kentucky’s 30-point margin in support of Donald Trump in 2016, McConnell is still polling as the second least popular Senator in the country, falling short only to Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins — both of whom are floundering mainly due to their behavior surrounding Trump’s recent impeachment trial in the Senate.

According to the polls, only 37 percent of Kentuckians support McConnell, while 50 percent disapprove. Among independent voters, 22 percent more of them disapprove of Mitch than those who approve.

The executive director of the state’s Board of Elections, Jared Dearing, took the opportunity to issue a warning to a Kentucky state legislative subcommittee, as more and more individuals register to vote in the state, that the voting systems in Kentucky are still regularly being monitored by Russia and North Korea. The Democratic executive director intends to help protect the integrity of Kentucky’s voting system by hiring an information security officer on the heels of three different election security bills being blocked by the McConnell-led Senate just last week.

It looks like Donald Trump and his government full of sycophants could be in dire trouble over the next few months. Frankly, it does Trump no good to win a second term if he doesn’t have a stacked Congress to carry out his bidding. And everything is pointing to an end for folks like Mitch McConnell.

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