Recently Resurfaced Video From 1999 Reveals The Kind Of First Lady Melania Has Always Wanted To Be

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Evidently Melania Trump has had her heart set on becoming a bonafide First Lady for a couple of decades now.

Considering the whole modeling thing didn’t really work out for her (have you seen those headshots?!) a newly resurfaced video from back in 1999 has revealed the Mel actually had bigger, better plans in the works.

Twenty years before her would-be husband nabbed the presidency with more than a few favors from Vladimir Putin, Melania Trump (then Knauss) was already daydreaming about a life of luxury lived inside the White House.


During an interview with ABC News all those years ago, Melania explained that she already had it figured out as to what type of First Lady she would be when she finally did weasel her way into the nation’s home reserved for our president and she even had a former FLOTUS already pegged for her inspiration.

“I will be very traditional like Jackie Kennedy,” Melania explained to Don Dahler, who was then a correspondent for the ABC network.

“I would support him,” she said of her then-boyfriend Donald Trump, who at the time was still legally married to his second wife, Marla Maples. “I will do a lot of social obligations.”

The couple wouldn’t end up tying the knot until six full years after the interview revealing Mel’s first lady aspirations aired on December 3, 1999. But considering Donald had already publicized his presidential aspirations at this point, Melania was making damn sure that she wasn’t going to miss that boat.

The uncovered video also revealed that Mel’s been excusing Donald for his trashy ass behavior since long before the Access Hollywood tapes made their way into the public eye.

When questioned about her boyfriend’s reputation as a sleazy ass Playboy, Melania responded with, “It’s a man thing, and sometimes I find it very cute.”

Not much different at all from her response when Trump’s genitalia grabbing habits were revealed and she dismissed it as “boy talk” and claimed that he was “egged on” to be a disgusting pig.

She then went on to claim later that Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels shortly after she birthed his youngest son were “not a concern” for her.

Sweetie, this only thing you can Jackie O have in common is putting up with cheating ass men.

You can watch the clip here:


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