Reason Behind Shepard Smith’s Sudden Departure Is Revealed, Was Pushed Out

Things just keep getting shadier and shadier.

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Yesterday, in a move that came as a surprise to both network employees and American citizens as well, Fox News host Shepard Smith very suddenly stepped down from his position within the network — effective immediately.

The chief news anchor, who had been with the network for decades, was the only breath of fresh air left at the essentially state-run media outlet, being nearly the only person there who was willing to publicly criticize Donald Trump.

His unexpected and rather quick departure came as a complete shock to not only Fox viewers and other Americans across the country, but to his colleagues as well, who appeared visibly shaken at Shep’s resignation and subsequent removal from the property by security personnel.


While Smith himself seemed in high enough spirits during his announcement of his resignation, the entire situation was admittedly suspicious, at best, considering Trump himself  has recently had qualms with the network over them not treating him as well as he believes they should and not a full two days before Smith’s abrupt stepping down, Trump’s very own Attorney General, Bill Barr held a mysterious and still yet unexplained meeting with the network’s CEO, Rupert Murdoch.

It’s safe to say that folks were instantly and rightfully skeptical of the entire situation, with many speculating that Barr met with Murdoch with the specific intent of pushing out the vocal Trump detractor from the otherwise highly conservative network.

And now, according to a Twitter report from journalist Gabriel Sherman, the idea that Shepard’s departure was less so a willing resignation and more so a forceful one isn’t seeming so far-fetched after all.

“Been traveling, but this is what I’ve heard re: Shep. Sources say negotiations over Shep’s exit have been going on for days in wake of him being directed by Fox mgmt to stop attacking Tucker Carlson,” Sherman’s first tweet read.

Sherman quickly followed that up with a second tweet reading, “The pro Shep camps says he left totally on his own volition. But another way to look at this is the Murdochs forced his hand by reigning in his coverage. The Murdochs/Fox chose Trump.”

While no official for the network has come forward to admit to why Smith left so suddenly, and Shep himself has been rather quiet regarding the debacle, it’s certainly not far fetched to believe that Fox News Network will ultimately side with Donald Trump.

It seems more than likely that Smith’s abrupt resignation was actually a result of a corrupt AG being in cahoots with a corrupt CEO of a network that’s in cahoots with a corrupt president.

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