Prominent CEO Claims To Have Helped Saudi Arabia And UAE Illegally Funnel “Tens Of Millions” To Trump Campaign In 2016

This would explain a LOT about Trump campaign money.

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Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, a Lebanese businessman who founded Allied Wallet, an online payment service provider, is an internationally known CEO who has served on the board of commissioners for the US Commission on International Religious Freedom — but more than that, he’s a well-connected member of the global elite who hobnobs with the likes of Hillary Clinton, the Pope, and Donald Trump.

As it turns out, he knows Trump perhaps better than many: His story, told in the Spectator, is that he personally helped illegally direct tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to the Trump campaign during the 2016 election by selling the Saudis and Emiratis the payment processing technology that allowed them to undertake a massive scheme that escaped the Federal Elections Commission’s notice.

Donations of less than $200 from an individual, according to FEC rules, do not have to be reported to the FEC, so the two nations with the largest interest in electing Trump — Saudi Arabia and UAE, the former of whom would go on to purchase nuclear technology from Trump without the approval of Congress — concocted a plan to load thousands of virtual credit cards and gift cards with that amount, then use stolen identities to make the donations from inside the United States.


He sold that technology, Khawaja says, to George Nader, a former member of Trump’s inner circle who once advised the President on diplomatic issues early in his presidency. Nader was a key witness in the Mueller investigation, in case you were wondering why his name sounded so familiar.

Oh, and he’s a convicted child sex predator now too, so maybe that was ringing a bell for you.

The technology was the same that Nader used to send money to the Clinton campaign, according to charges he’s pleaded not guilty to, although there was never evidence that the Clinton camp coordinated with Nader or any foreign government — Nader simply wanted access to Clinton, should she become President in that election.

Khawaja has spoken to Congressmen, Senators, and even a military general to try to tell his story, and the odds that the FBI has not investigated it seem highly political, given that Khawaja actually sold Nader the “Stripe” payment processing technology that Nader has been formally charged with using to try to gain access to Clinton.

Whether we have to wait for the next administration or the Department of Justice does its job now, we may not yet know. But when that next administration comes, you can bet Americans are going to find out a LOT about what happened on the way to the Trump years.

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