Pro-Trump Economist Gets Caught “Making Up Numbers” In Live Interview, Makes Trump Look Awful

This was absolutely brilliant.

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Trump has set a standard of lying to the American people, and now everyone who supports and defends him feels free to do so even when it’s completely irresponsible and obvious.

Earlier today, Trump-loving economist Stephen Moore got completely humiliated when he was caught lying by Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell in an interview on CNN. Rampell, who was also on the show as a guest, obliterated Moore as she couldn’t tolerate hearing his blatant lies about how there is a “deflation” in the U.S. economy due to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes.

During the interview, Moore tried to defend the president and say that the economy was still strong, and tried to place the blame on the Fed for the falling stock market. He said, “Both of the rate hikes were unnecessary and were a cause for deflation in the economy.”


After listening to Moore spew false claims, Rampell couldn’t say silent any longer. She interrupted him and said, “Wait, wait, wait! There is no deflation!”

Moore tried to say that there was and Rampell fired back, “No there is not. Look at the Consumer Price Index!”

Moore and Rampell then got into an intense back and forth, with Rampell fact-checking Moore every time he tried to lie. Rampell bluntly stated that much of the lower prices on the Commodities Price Index were because of Trump’s trade wars. She said, “Soybean prices are falling because of the trade war.”

Rampell continued to bring up other lies that Moore had told in the past, calling out his false comments during Obama’s presidency. She said:

I’m old enough to remember when, ten years ago, during an actual deflation, you went on TV on a rival network and said we were about to have hyperinflation and told the Fed that it was irresponsible then to keep rates low. It’s totally inconsistent and it’s totally irresponsible to make up numbers.”

After being pummeled for several minutes, Moore was almost at a loss for words. All he could say was, “I’m not making up numbers.”

You can watch this heated interview below:

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