Press Secretary Defends Trump’s Ignorance Of Russian Bounties On US Soldiers: “The President DOES Read”

How does she do this with a straight face?

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Somebody really needs to let this White House know that they can’t have things two ways. That seems to be what Trump has always tried to do, either himself, with “good people on both sides” comments, or through his spokespeople, who occasionally try to have things three or four ways, due to not being able to settle on a single story between Kellyanne, Kayleigh, Hogan, Judd, and whoever else Trump pushes out in front of a microphone when he screws up royally.

This time, the gang can’t decide what the official line is on Trump not knowing or possibly knowing, but not doing anything about, the Russian bounties paid to Taliban-linked Afghan fighters for the lives of American soldiers.

Do they say it didn’t happen? It’s been confirmed by every major news agency with an international investigative arm, not to mention multiple security and intelligence agencies from countries around the world.


Do they say he didn’t know about it? That’s not only just short of inconceivable, but it makes Trump look like a buffoon, a massive intelligence failure on his watch.

Do they say he was never briefed on it? This option is doubly damning, because it would indicate a lack of communication between US intelligence and the White House — possibly because they didn’t want to tell him — or it will end up being the easiest lie of all to spot, since whoever did include it in a security briefing will eventually leak the fact that Trump was, indeed, told, and probably months ago.

During a presser today, Kayleigh McEnany went with a stunning cocktail of D, all of the above. She didn’t deny that it happened, didn’t deny he was briefed on it, and insisted that Trump is as fully informed as anyone could possibly be about all matters security-related in America. After blasting the fact that this was even reported about, despite it amounting to treason by the President if he knew and did nothing, and despite it being possibly the biggest scandal of this presidency, she blithely insisted that Trump is abreast of everything not just because he is diligent in his duties — already laughable — but because he is hungry for information.

That might be the most hilariously false thing she’s been conscripted to say so far in her term as Press Secretary.

The fact that in the year 2020, a White House press secretary would be forced to utter the phrase “the President does read” is a colossal indictment of either the actual intelligence of this president or at least the public image of this guy’s brainpower.

Either way, Kayleigh has either sold her soul completely in exchange for a place on the national stage or she will eventually collapse under the weight of Trump’s never-ending requirements to debase and humiliate herself through ludicrous statements that literally no one believes.

But hearing the anger in her voice as she answers the reporter’s query as to whether Trump even gives a damn about US national security, it sounds like she’s a true believer.

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