Pre-Market Data Went From Positive To Negative During Trump’s Coronavirus Press Conference

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Just minutes into President Donald Trump’s pathetic coronavirus news conference on Wednesday evening, Dow futures took a tumble despite being in positive territory earlier on.

Trump decided to hold a news conference in a desperate effort to insist that he has the coronavirus outbreak under control after the stock market lost nearly 2,000 points in two days over fears that the virus won’t be contained.

Rather than deliver a sigh of relief, however, Trump only made things worse by reading lists, attacking Democrats and naming Vice President Mike Pence his coronavirus czar.


In addition, Trump blamed previous stock market losses on the Democratic debate even though the debate was on Tuesday night after all the losses had taken place.

As it turns out, Trump himself may have caused Dow futures, which is premarket data that gives an indication of the next day’s trading, to fall into negative territory after it had been looking good prior to the news conference.

As of this writing, Dow Jones premarket data had lost over 100 points, with Nasdaq and S&P also taking losses, according to CNBC.

And Twitter users were not amused.

Trump’s news conference has definitely not given Wall Street any confidence. It backfired.

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