Photo Of Trump In The Oval Office Shows A Stack Of MAGA Hats On The Table, Possibly Leading To A Violation Of The Hatch Act…AGAIN

I don't think Diaper Don knows what he's doing.

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Dementia Donnie once reportedly said, “I’m in charge of the Hatch Act,” and apparently being grotesque while demeaning the office of the presidency is another thing he’s in charge of. On Wednesday, Donald Trump spoke to reporters in the Oval Office where he met with the president of Ecuador. The former reality show star, of course, took that opportunity to rant about “crooked” Democrats in the wake of his impeachment. You can’t be the king of projection without projecting a lot, after all. Trump wasn’t finished embarrassing all of us, though.

CNN White House producer Kevin Liptak posted a photograph on Twitter of Trump and a bored-looking Third Lady with a small table between them covered with a big stack of “Keep America Great” hats as if the president was in campaign-mode with the leader of Ecuador nearby.


Twitter users noted a possible Hatch Act violation.

If it turns out that the hats were placed there by anyone not on Trump’s immediate staff, it would be a clear violation of the Hatch Act — the president himself, of course, is exempt.

Larry David on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm wears a MAGA hat as a “people repellent.” Trump, of course, shared a clip of that show recently, totally unaware that Larry David was mocking the president and his supporters. Now, we need a red hat that spells out the Hatch Act to make all of this more genuine — because we all know Trump has made this country worse, not “great.”

Featured image via screen capture

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