Photo Of Trump And His Republican Buddies Appears To Show POTUS Looking Unwell

That's the same face my toddler used to make when she was hiding to poop. Just sayin'.

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Recently, GOP Representative and Trump sycophant Kevin McCarthy posted a photo to his social media account of a dinner he enjoyed at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. In the picture McCarthy is seated around the table with a handful of other prominent Republican figures included his fellow GOP Rep. Jim Jordan and their dear leader himself, Donald Trump.

He captioned the picture, “Family dinner. Tag a friend who should be sitting at the table with us.”

Honestly, the picture of a bunch of rich, old, white Republican fuckwits was enough in and of itself to send you running and screaming for the nearest birth control in an effort to ensure that you never produce another human being who could even possibly turn out to be one of those people.


However, in addition to the free advertisement condom companies raked in thanks to this picture, social media users couldn’t help but notice that Trump was looking rather… Unwell.

Seated to the side of McCarthy, as all the other attendees plastered on their very best “I’m rich and you’re not and I’m about to fuck your eyeballs out at the first chance I get” grins, Donald had a grimace on his face that could’ve earned him a grade A spot in McDonaldland.

Frankly, he looks like he’s in pain:

Social media users had plenty to say:

Now, Donnie’s had a lot going on lately, folks. I don’t imagine he’s feeling too good about his election chances come this fall, Americans still hate his guts regardless of his hack job acquittal, his GOPers are flipping on him like hotcakes, and we’re still not even sure what’s up with his health and that random Walter Reed trip at the end of last year.

It could be that everything’s starting to weigh on Twittler pretty hard these days. That, or Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell’s heads are running out of room up his ass and he’s getting a bit uncomfortable.

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery 

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