People On Social Media Appear Angry After Ivanka Is Seen Acting “Presidential” With Powerful World Leaders

Princess Ivanka is at it again.

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For a group of folks who find themselves exceedingly butthurt over the mere idea that Hunter Biden may have possibly, maybe made a single red cent off the fact that former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden his is father, the Trump family sure doesn’t seem to have near as big a grievance with nepotism when it’s applying to them.

Nevermind the fact that Donald Trump Jr. somehow manages to get away with killing rare sheep in his daddy’s name, or that Eric Trump uses pop’s presidency to rake in a few more Trump Wine sales, or even the quiet little Tiffany seemingly manages to get away with allowing her security detail to answer questions for her in class, undoubtedly because no one’s champing at the bit to push back against the president’s daughter, even if she is the unpopular one.

But let’s talk about Ivanka.


Of all the spoiled little waste of a good trust fund Trump kids, I think we can just about all agree that Ivanka is the worst. Not that she necessarily does the worst things. That title most definitely goes to her shitbag brother, Junior. But it’s the fact that she’s the one that’s been given such a massive yet outrageously undeserving platform to do real-life damage.

Daddy’s little princess currently holds the official title of senior advisor to the president, her father, on job creation, economic empowerment, workforce development, and entrepreneurship — despite the fact that the only qualification she has for such a position is an unspeakable night of horrors in human biology between her mom and dad.

As such, it’s become a fairly common occurrence for Ivanka the purse maker to behave as though she’s Ivanka the expert. And frankly, it often leads to a lot of confusion, more than a few embarrassing moments, and a whole lot of “What the actual fuck?!” from us “commoners.”

Earlier this week, Ivanka met with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan while attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. And while she managed to get away with few to no embarrassing blunders or mishaps between herself and the world leader, she was not able to escape the ire of folks back home who are still wondering just why in the fuck Ivanka Trump is chatting it up with world leaders when her knowledge is pretty much limited to the best way to fake a Gucci stitch.

A photo of the Trump spawn and the Pakistan Prime Minister sharing a moment at Davos quickly went viral on social media and elicited a rather expected response:

The New York Times reported that Ivanka “was presented at this conference of global elites as a principal second only to her father, even as she traveled as part of a delegation that included all of the president’s most important economic advisers.”

But frankly, I think she’s just soaking up that title and attention while she still can. She knows daddy’s clock is ticking.

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