People Burn Hypocrite Trump For Once Accusing Obama Of Not Reading Presidential Daily Briefs After He Himself Failed To Read Briefing About Russian Bounties: “This Aged Well”

Add this to the LONG list of Trump tweets that did not age well.

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Donald Trump’s old tweets often come back to bite him in the a**, and that did not change in the wake of the revelation that he failed to read a Presidential Daily Brief that included information about Russian bounties on American soldiers.

The Russians have reportedly been offering bounties to Taliban militants to kill American troops in Afghanistan, a bombshell that has outraged the nation. Adding insult to injury, Trump has known about the bounties since at least March and has done absolutely nothing about it.

Apparently, however, he also failed to learn about the bounties by ignoring the presidential daily briefings earlier on.


And that brings us to the tweet because when it comes to Trump, there’s a tweet for everything.

Back in 2014, Trump took to Twitter to outright claim that former President Barack Obama doesn’t read intelligence briefings.


It’s an obvious lie, of course. Obama is a reader who always took the time to read briefings or listen to them. As we all know, Trump does not like to read and intelligence officials usually have to get his attention by using pictures.

At the time, Obama’s former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor strongly condemned the accusation.

Trump’s tweet clearly did not age well, and it forced White House reporter Andrew Feinberg to fact-check it again because it’s popping back up.

Other Twitter users mocked Trump’s hypocrisy.

Intelligence briefings are important and should be taken seriously. The fact that Trump is spending his time watching Fox News and tweeting nonsense instead of listening to or reading them makes him a threat to national security. Russians are paying terrorists to kill Americans. That deserves the president’s full attention.

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