People Are Dying From COVID-19 And Trump Spends His Tuesday Morning Promoting Books

Welp, Trump has gone full potato.

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President Circus Peanut didn’t take the coronavirus seriously for months until the stock market began to plummet while the economy has gone into the shitter. Trump is apparently only concerned about his fading chances of being reelected. Meanwhile, Monday marked the deadliest day in the U.S., with 138 new deaths reported from COVID-19 in one day. Forty-three percent of the US population is now being asked to stay home to flatten the coronavirus curve.

Instead of listening to his own health experts, Trump has dismissed their sound advice and urged an end to the practice of social distancing soon. The problem with Donald is that he makes every situation about him, and in this instance, the president’s suggestions could prove to be deadly. To further prove that Trump isn’t taking the pandemic seriously and that his focus is on himself, the president is urging Americans to purchase books authored by his sycophants.


In this tweet, the president shared, far-right talking head at One America News Network Liz Wheeler is begging for positive reviews on Amazon.

For a president, Trump has far too much time on his hands.

While Trump, a man who does not read, is promoting MAGA books, the U.S. is in need of medical supplies and testing kits. Trump’s dishonesty about the virus, coupled with his repeated attempts to falsely blame former President Barack Obama, displays the former reality show star’s ineptness to lead this country as it’s left flailing over the pandemic.

Trump has also lashed out at Democrats this morning and even shared a tweet from trashmonster Ann Coulter while dividing this country even further amid a crisis. Trump even gave a rest in peace shoutout to a Newsmax reporter by sharing her tweet from January announcing her father’s death. The point is that all of Trump’s tweets this morning merely serve as a distraction from his dumpster fire of a presidency while Americans are dying.

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