Pence Reportedly Fled After Reporter Asked Him If He’s On The Same Anti-Malarial Drug That Trump Claims To Be Taking

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, dude.

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After Donald Trump announced all willy-nilly that he’s taking an unproven and potentially dangerous drug as a preventative measure to combat contracting COVID-19, a range of emotions were expressed from concern to disbelief. And given that the president is obese and has a form of heart disease, it’s not a good idea to take hydroxychloroquine.

So it seemed appropriate that ABC’s Trish Turner asked Vice President Mike Pence whether he was taking hydroxychloroquine, too. After all, earlier this month, Pence’s top spokesperson tested positive for COVID-19. The White House appears to have become a giant Petri dish, with several others in Trump’s orbit testing positive as well.

It wasn’t a gotcha question from Turner while Pence appeared at the U.S. Capitol for a coronavirus meeting. Pence just walked away without answering the question, according to reports.


This explains why Pence fled from the reporter.

Trump’s dubious claim to be taking the drug just doesn’t come across as believable. The White House physician’s statement on the matter left out a few key points.

The letter danced around Trump’s statement while not outrightly confirming that the president is taking the controversial drug. Pence doesn’t even believe his boss. That’s kind of obvious.

Pence later told Fox News correspondent Kristin Fisher that he was not taking the drug.

“In an interview at NASA’s headquarters after a meeting of the National Space Council, [Pence] tells me he is not taking Hydroxychloroquine,”  Fisher tweeted. Pence added that he wouldn’t hesitate to take the drug if his doctor recommended it.

Yeah, OK, whatever you say, Mr. Man.

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