Pence Breaks His Silence On Lev Parnas —”I Don’t Know The Guy” — But There Is A Photo

Might I suggest you check for photographic evidence first?

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It seems that GOPers still haven’t caught on to the magic trick that’s blazing through Twitter like a wildfire these days — legend has it if you say or type (or even really think, it seems) the words, “I don’t know Lev Parnas” the former Giuliani associate’s attorney, Joseph Bondy, has spidey-senses that start tingling, no matter how near or far. By the end of the day, a photograph of yourself with that man that you allegedly don’t know, have never met, and have never spoken to will suddenly appear on Bondy’s feed, just like magic, for all the Twitter universe to see and properly troll your ass with.

It’s happened to so many of them now that it’s hard to keep up, including Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Sanders, and even Donald Trump himself.

In fact, I recommend taking a gander at this handy little Twitter thread from my badass editor to help you keep up with them all:


Seriously, there are JUST. SO. MANY. OF THEM.

It’s pretty damn clear that Bondy and Parnas certainly didn’t skimp on keeping their receipts. Seems like that knew they were gonna need them before this was all said and done.

But the Parnas attorney recently appeared to get out ahead of one Trump administration official, when he posted a photograph of his client with Mike Pence to his Twitter feed before the Vice President of the United States even had a chance to get on some public platform and lie his ass off to the masses.

Questioning Pence’s decision to abruptly cancel his trip to Ukranian president Zelensky’s inauguration, Bondy posted a photo of Pence flanking Lev Parnas with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

But don’t you worry, folks. Despite the fact that Pence’s photo with Parnas had already been released days ahead of time, the VP STILL responded to the accusations laid against him by the former henchman of Trump’s personal attorney by… wait for it… DENYING THAT HE EVER MET HIM.

Per a new report from The Hill, Pence addressed the accusations during a campaign swing in Tampa, Florida and declared to reporters, “I don’t know the guy” before going on to call the claims lodged by Parnas “completely false.”

Pence is responding to accusations made by Parnas in both his explosive interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow as well as his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that implicated the VP as “in the loop” on Trump’s campaign to pressure Ukraine.

I understand the dude is getting pretty desperate. I’d venture to say he’s rather worried at this point that his impeachment will be up next. But dude… Seriously. Make sure there’s not a picture of you with the guy floating around out there first!

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