Pence Appears To Defy House Committee, Refuses To Comply With Document Requests From Investigators

Mother told him he couldn't do that.

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Since news broke of Donald Trump’s biggest and most recent scandal — in which he conducted a shady phone call with the Ukranian president in an attempt to get dirt on political opponent, Joe Biden — and his subsequent formal impeachment inquiry was announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, we’ve known that Donald’s right-hand man and vice president, Mike Pence had more than a little to do with the whole fiasco.

And funnily enough, it was the transcripts of the call in question, released by Trump himself in a last-ditch attempt to get his ass out of hot water that actually proved as much.

Since then, Pence has (as expected) been rather quiet about the whole ordeal and quite dismissive in any event where he finds himself questioned over the scandal that may prove to be the end of his and Donald’s reign of terror.


But just because he doesn’t want to talk about it doesn’t mean that Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, and their team of equally fired up House Democrats have any intention of letting the Pinky to Donald Trump’s brain off the hook that easy.

So, unsurprisingly enough, Pence himself received a nice little request for documents from the House Intelligence Committee in connection to the now-infamous Ukraine call.

While the request from the Committee wasn’t yet a subpoena, it was damn sure a strong suggestion and one that Pence would certainly follow through on if he knew what was best for him.

But this is the Trump administration we’re talking about here.

It seems that House Democrats better be getting their subpoena pens ready, as Mike Pence has now sent a letter to the Committee explaining that he would not be complying with their request — as has most of the rest of that circus they call a presidential administration.

Real shocker, right?

Apparently, Pence and the rest of that crew are still up in arms over the fact that the House hasn’t yet held an actual vote for impeachment, despite the fact that that’s not even close to how this whole thing works.

He just really, really doesn’t wanna get in trouble, okay?

You can read the full letter sent by Pence here:

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