Oversight Committee Member Claims They “Are Ready To Vote” On Trump Impeachment

We're ready too!

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Americans all across this nation have been waiting with bated breath for even the slightest bit of news regarding Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a few weeks ago.

And while House Dems have been as forthcoming as they can, we really haven’t gotten much information on what’s happening next, where we’re at in the process, or what the prognosis is currently looking like.

But thanks to one Democratic member of the House Oversight Committee, we finally know that (at least according to him) the House has enough to take the impeachment to a vote.


Appearing on CNN’s New Day, Democratic Rep. and Committee member Ro Khanna spoke to host John Berman, and while he couldn’t divulge any more information than what’s already been given, he did reveal that there was plenty of information to seriously question Donald Trump’s continuing presidency.

When Berman questioned the Democratic Rep as to whether or not there was enough information against the president to move forward with impeachment Khanna wasted no time in confirming that there is.

“I need to let you go,” the CNN host said. “But do you need to hear more evidence before you feel whether you’re ready to vote on whether to impeach the president?”

“We’re ready to vote,” Khanna confirmed. “The president, in my view, has clearly abused the office. He’s clearly shredded the Constitution and the votes are there in the House. I hope we take the vote and I hope there will be some Republican senators like Mitt Romney (UT) or Ben Sasse (NE) who will look at the evidence and think about their responsibility to our Constitution.”

CNN co-host Alisyn Camerota added “Interesting conclusion there,” with Berman stating, “I’m not sure [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi has the same answer to that, but Ro Khanna is ready.”

On behalf of most Americans, we are more than ready too.

You can watch the clip here:

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