Old Audio Of Trump On Fox Emerges Where POTUS Talks About Impeaching Obama: “He’d Be A Mess”

So ironic it hurts.

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Donald Trump has been losing his ever-loving mind from the very moment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly announced a formal impeachment inquiry against him as a result of his attempted bribery and extortion of Ukraine.

Not a single day goes by that Trump doesn’t take to his Twitter account or some public speaking event with a manic, incoherent, and scatter-brained rant about his impeachment. He screams from the rooftops about the unfairness of it all, peddles blatantly false poll numbers in an attempt to make it look as though this whole debacle is helping him rather than hurting him, and generally wraps things up with a shameful, cruel attack against whichever Democrat’s name he happened to pull out of a hat that morning.

That’s why a recently resurfaced clip of a 2014 Fox & Friends interview with Donald Trump is even more hilariously ironic than usual.


Media Matters did us all a favor this week when they dug up the old clip of a Monday morning interview with Donald Trump on his long-time favorite network in which the former reality TV washup turned president can be heard fantasizing on then-president Obama’s emotional distress should he find himself in the same boat Donnie’s riding in now.

Trump kicked things off by pondering on whether Obama had a hidden desire to be impeached in an attempt to boost his overall poll numbers, à la Bill Clinton.

However, Donald ultimately decided that Obama had no interest in an impeachment against him and went on to essentially make fun of the emotional response he predicted from his soon-to-be predecessor.

“He would be a mess,” Trump mused. “He would be thinking about nothing but. It would be a horror show for him. It would be an absolute embarrassment. It would go down on his record permanently.”

Now, of course, Obama’s terms in office were never marred by the mention of impeachment in any official capacity. However, Donald’s on the fast-track to new digs before the new year — all while throwing temper tantrums of such epic proportions that even some of his closest advisors have tried to tell him to at least pretend like he’s working lest they lock him up in a nuthouse.

You can watch the clip from Media Matters here:

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