NYC Fed Up With Trump, Erected Billboard Four Blocks From His Home With Brutal Message He Can’t Ignore

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a pretty rabid fanbase. Recently the world was treated to what “MAGA” looks like on a bunch of prep school boys — racism, intimidation, and disrespect. But we’ve been seeing them at rallies and counter-protests since the day he was inaugurated two years ago. And to hear Trump himself talk about them, you would think that they make up a majority of Americans.

But Trump’s poll numbers are dismal, despite the fact that he thinks they’re improving (they’re not). So what used to surprise us — that so many Americans would support such a terrible president — is now becoming more than a little bit laughable as the numbers in the MAGA camp dwindle.

You know what number is getting bigger, though? The headcount for those that want him impeached.


One might that that would be a hard number to track, but thankfully we have a pretty good counter, at least of those who have publicly, officially declared as much. Billionaire Tom Steyer has been running a petition that asks people to sign on in the effort to get rid of Donald Trump the old fashioned way — by booting him out of office. And since he set up the petition-hosting website just nine months after Trump’s inauguration, nearly 7 million people have signed on.

So how does he get out the word?

Well, he’s made a lot of different efforts, but the latest is a giant billboard in New York’s Times Square, and it sits just a few blocks from The Donald’s favorite place on earth, Trump Tower. In fact, if you’ve got a west-facing window in the fabled Tower on 5th Avenue, you can probably see the sign from where you are.

The email that Steyer sent out after erecting the billboard explained his reasoning for it perfectly:

We launched this billboard in Times Square for a simple reason: The American people, Congress, and President Trump himself need to see the nationwide strength of our movement.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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