NY Attorney General Responded To Donald Trump’s Warning To Gov Cuomo To Drop Lawsuits: “BTW, I File The Lawsuits, Not The Governor”

Drag him, sis.

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New York State Attorney General Letitia James wasn’t having it after Donald Trump tried to engage in yet another quid pro quo, but this time on Twitter. Donald tweeted, “I’m seeing Governor Cuomo today at The White House. He must understand that National Security far exceeds politics. New York must stop all of its unnecessary lawsuits & harassment, start cleaning itself up, and lowering taxes. Build relationships, but don’t bring Fredo!” The misspelling is his, of course.

It was James, not Governor Cuomo, who filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration, and according to that suit, the new federal policy that prohibits New Yorkers from enrolling or reenrolling in the federal government’s Trusted Traveler Programs puts residents at risk. The TPPs allow thousands of trusted travelers to bypass long security lines at airports and customs. Trump apparently wants the Governor to quash the suit.

James dragged 45 by his nose hairs on Twitter.


“When you stop violating the rights and liberties of all New Yorkers, we will stand down,” she tweeted. “Until then, we have a duty and responsibility to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. BTW, I file the lawsuits, not the Governor.”

James quickly became a Twitter hero.

Last November, Trump unleashed a statement on Twitter to call James a “political hack” after he was ordered to pay $2 million to nonprofit groups as part of a settlement for using his charity’s funds for personal and political means. Trump is no longer just dangling a quid pro quo over a foreign government — he’s been doing it right here in the US.

Featured image via DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos

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