Nike Just Took It A Step Further In Their War Against Trump; This Will Send POTUS Over The Edge

Nike is banking on humanity's basic goodness — and they'll win this bet.

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At the official Nike flagship store in San Francisco just outside Union Square, the giant sports equipment and clothing company is flying a pretty big sign atop the building. And with the social media uproar over their selection of Colin Kaepernick as the face of the 30th anniversary run of their “Just Do It” ad campaign, it’s pretty clear they’re committed to their “draft pick” on this.

The Sky7 chopper from San Francisco’s ABC affiliate KGO-TV caught some spectacular footage of literally one of the biggest billboards anyone has ever seen — and it’s sure to catch the eye of a guy all the way across the country from the city by the bay.

Just this morning, Trump was tweeting about Nike once again, surely fired up by all of his supporters posting clips of themselves setting fire to their Nike merchandise — an apparent misunderstanding of what “boycott” means:


But when he sees this billboard, he’ll know — Nike made a bet on Kaepernick, and they’re sticking with it. And unlike Trump and his supporters, most Americans agree with Kaepernick’s position. That’s because almost all Americans know that it was a former Green Beret — then-Seahawks long snapper Nate Boyer — who first wrote a letter to his division rival to let him know that in the military, the proper way to show respect, rather than sitting during the anthem, was to take a knee.

That’s what Kaepernick has done ever since that day.

Now Trump is the one who needs advice on how to properly communicate what he means — because the Twitter feed just isn’t doing the job.

Watch the chopper footage here:

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