New York Prosecutors Reportedly Subpoena Trump’s Bank, Which Suggests “Criminal Investigation Into His Business Practices Is More Wide-Ranging Than Previously Known”

The documents, in fact, have already been handed over.

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A new report in the New York Times today shows that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed Trump’s primary lender, Deutsche Bank, in an effort to obtain his financial records with the bank — and that those subpoenas came last year. But a new court filing finally partially shows what’s inside the demand, and it points to an effort to uncover long-running fraudulent business activity by the president, both before and after taking office.

Now, as it turns out, Deutsche Bank appears to have turned over the goods. From the Times:

Deutsche Bank complied with the subpoena. Over a period of months last year, it provided Mr. Vance’s office with detailed records, including financial statements and other materials that Mr. Trump had provided to the bank as he sought loans.

Deutsche Bank’s cooperation with Mr. Vance’s office is significant because other investigations that have sought Mr. Trump’s financial records have been stymied by legal challenges from the president and his family.”

Although the Supreme Court knocked down an effort by Congressional investigators last month to obtain similar records, telling courts that had previously heard the petitions from legislators to reconsider whether Deutsche Bank was required to comply with what facially looked like a partisan investigation, SCOTUS ruled in favor of prosecutor Cyrus Vance shortly after, saying that Trump was not entitled to any special protections from a criminal investigation like the one going forward in Manhattan.


As we previously wrote, the error on the White House’s part in blocking Mr. Vance from obtaining the documents was in assuming that the scope of the inquiry was limited to questions about the “hush money” payments made to two adult entertainers with whom Trump had extramarital affairs shortly after the birth of his youngest son.

The compliance from Deutsche Bank and the breadth of the records provided indicate a far more wide-reaching criminal investigation.

Whether the public ever sees these documents is up in the air. But we feel a whole lot better knowing they’re in the hands of someone with as successful a prosecution history as Cyrus Vance.

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