New York Daily News Takes A Jab At Trump, Gives Him A Mob Nickname

Sounds like an appropriate nickname to me.

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In the wake of President Donald Trump’s Friday Night Massacre in retaliation against impeachment witnesses, the New York Daily News took a shot at him by assigning him a mob nickname on the cover of their latest issue.

Trump attacked his impeachment foes during his acquittal “victory” speech on Thursday, setting the stage for unlawful firings the next day.

First, Trump targeted Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman for testifying against him during the impeachment hearings in the House. Vindman was dismissed from his position on the National Security Council and escorted from the White House.


The Purple Heart recipient and Iraq war hero will now be reassigned to the Pentagon.

Trump vindictiveness did not stop there, however. He also fired Vindman’s twin brother, who served as the NSC attorney.

European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland also got the ax from Trump for testifying against him, capping off the first day of a revenge campaign that is expected to continue.

This is the definition of witness retaliation, which is illegal. But Trump will certainly not face any consequences from Senate Republicans, whom House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) now identifies as Trump’s “accomplices”.

And so, it’s appropriate then that the New York Daily News compared Trump the GOP to a mob family, even giving Trump the nickname “GOPfather” and photoshopping him into the poster for the 1974 movie “The Godfather Part II” in place of Al Pacino’s character Michael Corleone.

“Don takes care of family business in Friday night massacre,” the headline blared.

It’s a fitting comparison to be sure. After all, Trump does have mob connections and has acted like a mob boss throughout his time in office, even giving jobs to family members and friends while demanding absolute loyalty from his officials or else. His crimes while in office and his effort to cover them up and punish those who don’t stay silent just makes the comparison all the more accurate.

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