New Report Details Trump’s Apparent Scheme To Payoff Mistresses: “Can You Make This Go Away?”

How on earth does he get away with this crap?!

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In a bombshell report, the Wall Street Journal has just blown a huge hole in Trump’s repeated attempts to play dumb on the payoff scheme to his mistresses ahead of his campaign and subsequent presidency.

After combing through virtually every attorney, loyalist, and go-between that Trump used during the scheme, the WSJ has now determined that Donald was very much actively involved in the conspiracy to pay off a woman that he’d allegedly had an extramarital affair with.

The most notable portion of the report was a conversation dug up and thoroughly examined by WSJ between Trump and New York real estate developer and tabloid publisher David Pecker, who Trump has a long-running history of manipulating coverage of himself with, in an attempt to bury stories about him that he didn’t want to be pushed out in public down in the pits of Hell tucked safely alongside what’s left of his soul.


“Mr. Pecker’s celebrity gossip and personal-lifestyle empire—primarily the tabloid National Enquirer—promoted Mr. Trump’s political aspirations for almost two decades, starting in 1999,” the Journal’s report states. “Mr. Trump’s reward to his fixers was what he offered all those in his service over the decades: exposure to his world, the chance to play a bit part in his story. These operatives were attracted to Mr. Trump’s aura, to the force of the huge personality that led him to the presidency. But when they had fulfilled their missions, they were dispensable. Mr. Trump didn’t believe he owed his fixers anything.”

Per the explosive report, Trump, working alongside former fixer Michael Cohen who’s currently incarcerated on unrelated (but still Trump-related) charges, held a meeting with Pecker in “Mr. Trump’s office in August 2015, and Mr. Pecker offered to use the Enquirer—in coordination with Mr. Cohen—to intercept harmful stories and ensure they never surfaced.”

One of the stories that Trump was attempting to bury was described as a “catch and kill” for the Enquirer was none other than the tale of Donald’s alleged extra-marital affair with former Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal, who was peddling the story herself.

“On June 27, 2016, after Mr. Trump learned that Ms. McDougal was shopping around her story of an alleged affair with him, he phoned Mr. Pecker. ‘Can you make this go away?’ Mr. Trump asked,” per the Journal report. “Mr. Pecker bought the story for $150,000, under a contract designed to appear as a content pact guaranteeing the model two magazine covers. In return, Ms. McDougal had to keep quiet. Mr. Pecker and his top editor, Dylan Howard, also helped to broker a deal in which Mr. Cohen paid [adult film star] Stormy Daniels $130,000 through a shell company to buy her silence.”

The Journal goes on to explain that when they publicized the story of Trump’s supposed affair with Daniels, “Trump called Mr. Cohen—with Melania Trump on the line. ‘Michael, did you really pay $130,000 to Stormy Daniels?’ Mr. Trump asked. ‘Why didn’t you tell me about it?'”

“Mr. Cohen, who later said that he had consulted extensively with Mr. Trump about the payment, picked up the cue. Mr. Cohen said he’d planned to tell him after the election but had thought it safer to keep Mr. Trump out of it. He assumed the first lady saw through the lie,” WSJ reports.

It really didn’t seem like Donald could possibly get himself any further in over his head. Yet here we are. He paid off the porn star. We know it. He knows it. The whole world knows it. Now we just wait and see what variety of bullshit he pulls out of his ass in an attempt to explain this one away.

You can read the full report here (with a Wall Street Journal subscription).

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