New Report Claims Trump Plans To Cut Scheduled Pay Raise For Federal Employees Because Of “Serious Economic Conditions”

This doesn't sound like a good economy to me.

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We’ve all seen Donald Trump endlessly brag about the economy at his ego-rallies, on Twitter, and to reporters. Even though his job numbers lag behind former President Barack Obama’s, Trump will tell you this is the best economy in the history of this country — as he puts his name in quotation marks on Twitter. And Obama had more stock market records than Donald Trump but that’s not how the current occupant of the White House tells it.

Just yesterday, Trump took his little hands to Twitter to once again brag about the economy.


And in December:

Trump’s base eats that up like hungry little varmints, but on the previous day of Trump’s “Best USA economy in history” tweet, the White House said it intends to slash a scheduled pay raise for civilian federal employees, according to CNN.

Trump is cutting the 2.5 percent raise set for 2021 to only 1 percent for millions of federal workers, saying that anything above that would be “inappropriate,” even though we’re supposedly witnessing a booming economy. Trump is trimming the anticipated proposed pay raise for civilian federal workers way down by citing “national emergency or serious economic conditions,” and that is in stark contrast to the “president’s” braggadocious comments on the economy.

Here’s a quote from the White House on the budget:

Title 5, United States Code, authorizes me to implement alternative plans for pay adjustments for civilian Federal employees covered by the General Schedule and certain other pay systems if, because of ‘national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare,’ I view the increases that would otherwise take effect as inappropriate.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would see its budget trimmed by 9 percent even in light of the coronavirus going worldwide. Trump is slashing vital programs, including cuts in health care, Medicaid, and other safety-net programs. And, as mentioned, only a one percent raise for federal employees. That’s a lot of cuts in a booming economy. Wow, those tax cuts for the rich sure aren’t trickling down. Who knew!

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