New Poll Shows Majority Of GOP Voters Think Trump Is A Better President Than Lincoln

This is so hard to comprehend.

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Holy shit. I know it’s bad form to start an article with a swear, but I’m actually beside myself over the results of the new YouGov poll concluded just before Thanksgiving that shows fifty-three percent of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is a better President than Abraham Lincoln was.

That seems like a made-up thing, right? Doesn’t that seem fake? I really, really wish it was fake and it very sadly is not:


That’s not a misprint or a typo. And it explains a lot about the mentality of the Trump base if more than half of Republicans think he’s even done enough things in his less-than-one-full-term to come close to comparing to Abraham Lincoln. He has no major legislative victories, no landmark policies, nothing to his name to actually call “accomplishments” that someone could put side by side with Lincoln, and also…


No, America. We are not comparing Trump and Lincoln. Frankly, it’s kind of offensive that the pollsters even framed that as a question.

I need every voter reading this article to bear this poll in mind when you hear someone talking about winning over Republican voters, or nominating someone who can attract Trump voters — you can’t.

The only positive to take from this poll is knowing that the Republicans who prefer Trump are FAR out of step with the rest of the country, although that’s like finding out most people don’t like being punched in the face — it seems so obvious, and blows your mind to find out Trumpers aren’t the same as the rest of us.

But the true negative here isn’t finding out that there are so many idiots in America.

It’s knowing that Donald Trump will see this poll and agree with them.

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