New Head To Head Poll Of Obama Versus Trump Is Out — If The Election Was Held Today

I bet you know what's in here, but wait until you see by how much.

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A new survey from Public Policy Polling shows that former President Barack Obama would handily trounce Donald Trump in an election if it were held today, according to their polling partner Politico.

It’s hard to call those results particularly surprising, given every recent poll of the nation’s most highly-ranked presidents in history, which all show Obama as the number one pick — and the fact that Trump’s incompetence and lies have led to tens of thousands of deaths, an economy in shambles, and unemployment trends that have erased every job gained all the way back to the beginning of the Obama administration.

It seems America would like a do-over.


Ironically, most polls are something it’s easy to argue are too limited in scope, or weighted too heavily toward either the left or right, women or men, age group differences — but it’s hard to imagine that this one is far off the mark in terms of if the poll had been taken in a more complete manner. It feels like you could ask half a million Americans whether they’d rather have Obama or Trump as president and the answers in favor of Obama would likely only increase.

That’s because it’s a pretty lopsided poll, though. Whenever considering polling involving Trump, one must take into consideration that his base is fervently devoted to him, as he represents an extension of their own narcissism and white supremacist tendencies. So the positive results of any poll with him as an option necessarily contain responses from people who aren’t normal and represent a much smaller cross-section of voters than the generic term “Republican” — although inside the poll, Republican-identifying voters are not differentiated between as normal and those who support Trump.

But this poll, even taking into account the heavier influence of abnormal voters, shows an 11-point spread in favor of Obama.

It feels almost like a cry from the masses for a return to the normalcy of a presidential term not pock-marked by scandal, indictments, rage-tweeting, and cartoonishly corrupt Cabinet behavior.

Of course, Obama can’t run again, constitutionally speaking. But getting a measure of what Americans consider to be “normal” politics is always good, and proving that the nation would, by double digits, prefer someone considerably more “normal” than Trump is endlessly reassuring.

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579 points