New Candidate Confirms Their Last-Minute Entry Into 2020 Democratic Primary In Surprising Move

Literally out of left field.

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Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, has apparently thrown his hat into the ring in the 2020 Democratic primary, announcing that he intends to file in the Alabama primary before the nation’s first filing deadline on the 8th of this month. Such an official act of paperwork would confirm that Bloomberg is indeed running, as he quadrennially considers.

Most would take Bloomberg’s announcement with a grain of salt; he is a billionaire who intends to fund his own race, and candidates who do so generally last about as long as it doesn’t hurt their pocketbook too deeply.

Bloomberg, however, seems serious: He has, according to a source in the New York Post, decided that he believes the Biden campaign is weak and that although Warren and Sanders are faring well, they would lose to Trump in a general election. Bloomberg apparently, then, believes his candidacy would take over the voters from the Biden campaign once Joe stumbles his way out of the race.


Tomorrow is the deadline, so we would know by morning whether or not Bloomberg has filed the necessary paperwork in the first state, but if he does so, Arkansas would constitute the next filing deadline and a real candidacy would have to meet that date — November 12th — in order to fully jump into the race.

Bloomberg was long a Democrat, then became a Republican shortly after the attacks of 9/11, then switched to Independent just before the end of George W. Bush’s second term, the re-registered as a Democrat in 2018, presumably in opposition to the presidency of Donald Trump. The businessman has made no secret of his distaste for Trump, and seems willing to do anything to see he’s not elected.

Having missed so many debates, however, Bloomberg’s chances of success in the Democratic primary seem slim — but his name recognition is good, and he’s even occasionally a progressive.

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