Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump’s Recent Attacks, Calls Him A “Potty Mouth”

She's definitely not wrong!

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Donald Trump held two rallies in just as many days this week and during both, he wasted absolutely no time in launching an attack against his Democratic political opponent, Joe Biden, as well as the Democratic party as a whole — complete with some of his most favorite and most colorful vocabulary.

During last night’s rally in Louisiana, Trump referred to the impeachment inquiry that’s currently open against him as “bullshit.” However, the night before that, during his event in Minnesota, Donald honed in on one victim, in particular, stating that his competition, Joe Biden was only a good Vice President because he “understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”

Not exactly mature, upstanding behavior out of a world leader, huh?


During a conference call with her caucus yesterday, while Congress was on recess, Nancy Pelosi — who’s leading the impeachment fight against Donald with her fellow House Democrats — addressed the behavior that she witnessed out of our “president” during his recent rally and issued a pretty spot-on response.

“You know,” Politico quotes the House Speaker saying, “Potus has become a potty-mouth and children are listening.”

“This is… beyond disgraceful,” she continued, speaking to her colleagues. “But for him to say the thing that he said about Joe Biden was so far beyond the pale… That has nothing to do with impeachment. That is about elections.”

She then went out to (mis)quote Dragnet, a TV show set in 1950s Los Angeles, in which a prudish detective tracks down criminals.

“What we are doing on impeachment is about the facts – ‘Just the facts, ma’am’ – and the constitution. His policy, his personality, his potty-mouth, that’s about the election and let’s make sure that we understand the inquiry is because he has not honored his oath of office. We will honor ours,” she stated.

As we all know, while the impeachment proceedings will likely sweep through the Democratic-controlled House rather easily, it’s highly likely that it will be quashed once it reaches the Republican-controlled Senate.

“And, the Senate is saying, ‘Now that you are doing that, we are not doing it,'” Nancy added. “You know, just because we have the courage to honor our oath of office doesn’t mean we have to fold to the cowardice of the Senate that is not going to honor theirs.”

Nancy ended her conversation stating, “I’ve said before Trump, himself, is not worthy of impeachment because it’s divisive in the county. But our constitution is worth it. Our democracy is worth it. And, our republic, if we can save it, is worth it.”

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