Multiple People Close To The President Reportedly Claim That Trump Knows He’s Losing And Warn Of A Landslide Electoral Defeat

Trump is a loser and he's finally realizing it.

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Donald Trump has reportedly acknowledged in private that he is, indeed, losing badly to former Vice President Joe Biden as one of his former advisers warns that Trump faces a landslide defeat in November.

Trump has been getting his a** handed to him in the polls, including in the swing states. Not only do national polls show him losing by double-digits, the Trump campaign’s own internal polls show Trump losing as well.

Despite these numbers, Trump has publicly been in complete denial, insisting that the polls are “fake” and that he’s going to win re-election comfortably.


It appears that his flop in Tulsa, however, gave him a dose of reality as Trump failed to fill a 19,000 seat stadium in Oklahoma as only less than 6,200 people attended the rally.

According to Politico:

In the week since his Tulsa rally, the president has grudgingly conceded that he’s behind, according to three people who are familiar with his thinking. Trump, who vented for days about the event, is starting to take a more hands-on role in the campaign and has expressed openness to adding more people to the team. He has also held meetings recently focusing on his efforts in individual battleground states.”

That admission must have deflated Trump’s ego quite a bit. After all, he just admitted that he’s a loser — albeit privately.

And if his poll numbers continue to deteriorate, former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg warned that Trump could suffer a “400-plus electoral vote” defeat.

“Under the current trajectory, President Trump is on the precipice of one of the worst electoral defeats in modern presidential elections and the worst historically for an incumbent president,” Nunberg said. “He’s going to be facing realistically a 400-plus electoral vote loss and the president would need to strongly reconsider whether he wants to continue to run as the Republican presidential nominee.”

Such a loss would be a clear repudiation of Trump by the American people and would give Biden a mandate to reverse the damage Trump has done.

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