MSNBC Refuses To Show Clips Of Trump’s Rally Out Of Respect For His Family Because He’s Clearly “Not Well”

You know it's bad when they won't even put you on TV anymore.

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Donald Trump’s last two KKK rallies, thinly disguised as MAGA rallies, have gone over about like a ton of bricks. While none of these shindigs of his have been anywhere near respectable, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the stress of an impeachment inquiry and the fact that the majority of the country hates his guts is beginning to weigh on the shoulders of ol’ Donnie — because he’s seeming to officially go from crazy to batshit crazy in record-breaking time.

Trump’s last two events, one in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday night and Lake Charles, Louisiana last night served as rather clear evidence that Donald’s hold on reality is truly beginning to slip.

Whether it really is just the stress of recent events or worsening symptoms of an underlying mental disease, or maybe he’s just upping his Adderall doses lately to deal with it all — he’s becoming more and more unhinged with each passing days and yet he continues to publicly display his slipping grasp on reality at every given opportunity.


Trump’s manic behavior during his Louisiana rally was so bad, in fact, that one prominent news outlet actually refused to air clips of the event — not particularly out of disdain for Donald, but because he was so unhinged and clearly “unwell” that they felt publicly displaying the outbursts would be an act of disrespect towards Trump’s family.

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC host for “Morning Joe” stated on his segment that his network would not be airing clips of the recent Trump rally, as they typically do, because he felt that it would be disrespectful to the family of Trump.

“He’s throwing FOX News under the bus, he’s throwing Republicans under the bus, he’s throwing the Kurds under the bus, and he’s throwing Rudy Giuliani under the bus,” Scarborough began.

“There isn’t anybody — he would throw his family under the bus, and I don’t say that glibly,” Joe’s cohost Donny Deutsch replied. To which Joe responded, “Well, of course.”

“He will be the last man standing until they drag him out…” Donny continued.

“There was an event last night, where the president got out and said a few things. It was a little unbalanced. As George Conway said, the husband of one of the president’s top aides, said he appeared to have ‘severe personality disorders that were on full display,” Scarborough stated. “Out of respect to the family, and his loved ones, we’re not going to be showing that speech. We actually think he would — and I’m hoping he can get some care and get some treatment — because once again it seems like the president of the United States is detached from reality and not well.”

It’s literally gotten to a point where people can’t even air his nonsense on TV in good conscious anymore.

You can watch the clip here:

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