Mitch McConnell Went To Vote In Kentucky, Got Photobombed By One Of His Constituents

It's the best thing you'll see all day — you might as well look now so you can remember it later.

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It’s always been this way: Senate Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell can’t seem to catch a break when he’s out in public. Inside restaurants, on his way to his car, at the airport, it doesn’t matter — people really want to give Mitch a piece of their minds. Small wonder, too: He’s been the driving force behind a lot of really terrible policy in not just the last three years, but since he took over leadership of the Senate.

There are a million examples of Mitch getting messed with, but this is by far our favorite.

It really doesn’t help that the senior (and we mean senior) Kentucky Senator is so easy to poke fun at. He sets himself up for horrible public takes with his sexism, racism, sexism, and did we mention sexism? The man is a sexist, is what we’re saying. So much so, in fact, that he’s been memed multiple times during the Trump era for attempting to silence women colleagues and his legislative record on women’s rights.


But being a sexist isn’t enough to warrant the kind of negative attention that Mitch gets — you really have to be the kind of craven, spineless coward that he is to get messed with as much as he does. And on Election Day — of all days! — we got to see one of the best public humiliations for Senator McConnell so far. Maybe it’s the heightened importance of the day, maybe it’s just the look on this dude’s face, but when we saw this picture of Mitch trying to vote with a joker behind him making him look like a complete asshole, we couldn’t hold back the laughter.

It would be an understatement to say the photo was a hit. Most people called the man in the picture a “national treasure,” and while I don’t know if I’d go that far, I would say that I don’t see a cape in this photo, which really does prove the old adage, not all heroes wear capes.

Featured image via screen capture

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