Mitch McConnell Just Blocked Resolution That Would Have Condemned Trump After Rubber Bullets And Gas Were Used On Peaceful Protesters

As if he wasn't disgusting enough already.

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As Trump’s rhetoric and behavior against the Black Lives Matters movement continues to worsen with each passing moment, his number one minion in Congress is making it crystal clear that he intends to protect the president at all costs — the American people be damned.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer did his very best to pass a resolution today that would condemn President Donald J. Trump for his decision to use the force of the United States National Guard, equipped with tear gas and rubber bullets, against peaceful protesters in the streets of Washington D.C. yesterday, for the sole purpose of giving him safe passage across the street.

Schumer attempted to pass the resolution by unanimous consent, meaning one single Senator could block it entirely.


He backed himself up by asking, “If a senator objects they should be asked if they believe Americans do not have the constitutional right to exercise the freedom of speech… Do they support the president’s use of tear gas against people, including families, who are peacefully protesting in a public park?”

But wouldn’t you know, Senate Majority Leader and Trump sycophant Mitch McConnell was the very first to throw out his objections against the resolution.

The resolution condemns Donald Trump for “ordering Federal officers to use gas and rubber bullets against the Americans who were peaceably protesting in Lafayette Square in Washington, DC on the night of June 1, 2020, thereby violating the constitutional rights of those peaceful protestors.”

The resolution put together by Democrats also offered Congressional support for the millions of protesters across the nation, the American right to a peaceful protest, and the belief that “violence and looting are unlawful, unacceptable and contrary to the purpose of peaceful protests.”

However, McConnell didn’t waste any time in rejecting it, excusing his actions by claiming that the resolution didn’t address racial injustice or put an end to riots.

“It pays more attention to the precise ways that federal law enforcement affects presidential movement around the White House, instead of cities that have been consumed by rioting, looting and violence against police for several nights in a row,” the Senate Majority Leader said.

“There’s no universe where Americans think Democrats’ obsession with condemning President Trump is [a] more urgent priority than ending the riots or advancing racial justice,” he continued.

McConnell followed up his objection with a resolution of his own that offered nothing on the disgusting actions taken against protesters yesterday and instead threw Senate support behind the idea that “order must be immediately restored to the cities of the United States so that citizens may have peace and the legitimate grievances of peaceful protestors may be heard and considered.”

Schumer immediately blocked the resolution, calling it “insufficient.”

“It’s very simple why the Republican leader objected to our resolution and offered his one instead. It’s because they do not want to condemn what the president did though every fair minded American of any political party would,” Schumer stated.

It’s clear who lies where at this point.

I beg you — remember this when you vote.

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