Mitch McConnell Appears To Rebuke Trump, Wants A Stronger Resolution On Syria Than What Passed In The House

Donnie's not gonna like this one bit.

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Recently Donald Trump made a split-second decision that has cost and will continue to cost the lives of thousands of one of our most devoted allies unless something is done about it — and quickly.

Thousands of Kurdish lives have been lost or destroyed as a result of Trump’s decision to pull US troops from the Syria–Turkey border, effectively giving Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the green light to launch an attack on the very same people who fought alongside us and played an invaluable part in defeating ISIS, making us look like an untrustworthy and backhanded ally.

To say the least, everyone is fucking pissed at him. While, naturally, Democrats are ready to rip him to shreds, members of his own GOP party have now finally begun to turn against him after his blatant act of betrayal against a group of people the United States has long considered a close friend.


Yesterday, the House passed a bill to denounce Trump’s actions in Syria. However, one Senator who’s always been the staunchest of Trump’s loyalists has now decided that he’s not fond of the resolution from the House. But not because he doesn’t think Donald deserves it — because he doesn’t think it’s tough enough.

According to Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis, Senator Mitch McConnell feels like simply condemning the president’s actions just is not enough.

Bloomberg’s Laura Litvan quotes McConnell stating, “My first preference is for something stronger than the House resolution.”

According to Litvan, McConnell is after a bill that outlines what specific actions should be put in place to begin rectifying the gut-wrenching situation in Syria.

McConnell stated that the version from the House was “curiously silent on the issue of whether to actually sustain a U.S. military presence in Syria.”

While we certainly have no way to verify whether or not the Senator has ulterior motives behind his statements, such as knowing none of it will pass if the House and Senate can’t come to terms. But either way, it’s never not fun to see one of Trump’s own turn their back on him.

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