Minneapolis Mayor Responds To Trump Tweets Attacking Him: “Weakness Is Refusing To Take Responsibility For Your Actions. Trump Knows Nothing About Minneapolis. We Are Strong As Hell”

This is absolutely incredible.

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Late Thursday evening — actually, near 1 AM Friday morning his time — Donald Trump sent out a pair of tweets regarding the outrage in the city of Minneapolis that seemed positively engineered to heighten the situation, escalating it to point that no one needed, asked for, or wants to see happen.

After a day of protests that turned into looting and occasional outbursts of violence, including events in which protesters on the scene were certain that there were saboteurs deliberately trying to make the situation look violent by setting fires and breaking windows, but who were not actually with the protesters, Trump sent a message of sorts to the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey.

Frey just called for the officer who killed George Floyd to be charged in his murder, which led to even law enforcement officials around the country sensing an opportunity to show solidarity with the victim for once and call for justice themselves. But Trump wasn’t happy with the city’s response to the protests:


I’ll be honest — I’m not even sure that second tweet actually will make it into this article, since Twitter censored it for “glorifying violence,” but left it available to be seen by choice by readers, since it’s from the President of the United States. In case it’s not showing up, this is it:

Let me just say, Mayor Frey was not having it. After being informed of the president’s tweets during a late press conference by a reporter, Frey responded in a way that should make any citizen of Minneapolis proud.

Any city under duress deserves a leader like Jacob Frey.

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