Minneapolis Mayor Calls For The Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd To Be Charged For His Murder: “We Cannot Turn A Blind Eye”

Finally, we may see justice.

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Thousands of people have descended on the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer who was summoned to a “forgery in progress” — indicating that whoever called the police suspected that Floyd was writing a bad check — in yet another case of officers escalating a situation with a black man that most surmise would have been handled differently if the suspect were white.

Exacerbating that view, the police union that may still represent the officer, Derek Chauvin, despite his firing, immediately issued a statement urging the public not to “rush to judgment” about the cop whose face has now been seen millions of times smiling as he choked the life out of Floyd with his knee pressed down on Floyd’s neck during the interaction.

In fact, “interaction” seems like too easy a word to use: The suspect was motionless for nearly all of the arrest, and onlookers can be heard in the video telling the policeman and the partner visible in the video to at least check Mr. Floyd’s pulse and repeating that they already had him on the ground and he was not resisting. It was less of an interaction than a simple police action that resulted in Floyd’s death.


Now the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, after having already issued statements initially from both his office and on social media, is calling for Chauvin to be charged in George Floyd’s death:

Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail? If you had done it, or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now. [I] cannot come up with a good answer to that question. And so I’m calling upon Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to act on the evidence before him, I’m calling on him to charge the arresting officer in this case.”

It seems as though there is a chance that the outrage, the hurt, the frustration and fury, may be answered for once after such a violent encounter.

Watch the video here:

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