Mike Pence, Who Claimed Before That Asymptomatic People Shouldn’t Be Tested, Is Now Saying He And His Wife Will Be Tested Despite Showing No Symptoms

Well, isn't that just interesting?

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According to the man himself during today’s circus of a White  House COVID-19 press briefing, Vice President and czar of the Coronavirus Task Force Mike Pence, along with his wife Karen, will soon be undergoing testing for COVID-19.

Not even a week ago, Pence stood on the stage in the White House press briefing room, took to the podium, and addressed the gaggle of reporters as well as the American public and told us all that asymptomatic people should not be tested for the coronavirus.

Evidently, the fact that asymptomatic individuals can and do continue to spread the virus to potentially everyone they come in contact with, many of whom could ultimately be very symptomatic, meant next to nothing to the Vice President and his Task Force response team — they just want to keep those public numbers low and get this over with as quickly as possible, the number of lives potentially lost be damned. That is, until it was Pence himself in those “asymptomatic” shoes.


News broke recently that a member of Pence’s team has now tested positive for the potentially deadly virus. Now, suddenly, it seems as though Mike is whistling a different tune when it comes to himself and his family acquiring a couple of the scarce tests available to people in America now that he’s on the exposed end of things.

“The White House doctor has indicated he has no reason to believe that I was exposed and no need to be tested,” Pence began his address during today’s presser.

But he didn’t leave it at that.

“Given the unique position I have as Vice President and as the leader of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, both I and my wife will be tested for the coronavirus later this afternoon,” Pence continued.

It’s rather interesting how certain people are able to be tested at the drop of a hat with little to no reason to do so. Yet thousands — millions — of Americans who need tests, deserve tests, aren’t able to make any headway to save their lives. Literally.

Good luck with that, Pence. I hope you truly trust the power of your prayer. It sounds like you may soon need it.

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