Mike Pence Stares Blankly At Migrants In Overcrowded Cages As They Yell “No Shower, No Shower!” While Touring Detention Facility

This is absolutely unacceptable.

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For months now, Donald Trump’s administration has been enacting some of the cruelest, most unusual, and most anti-humanitarian policies at our southern border that this country has ever seen, and hopefully will ever see. Asylum-seekers are instantly having their children, some as young as mere weeks old, ripped from their arms and swept away with no information as to where they’re going or when, or even if, they’ll ever be reunited. Both children and adults are being herded into what can only be described as concentration camps — dirty, massively overcrowded federal detention centers where there’s literally scant room to stand, with no access to showers, clean water, or even acceptable food.

The situation is a blatant humanitarian crisis.

Up until now, Donald and his cronies have simply ignored the growing atrocities they’ve induced at our southern border, claiming that they at least “have it better” than they did back home — even going so far as to claim that the conditions exceed that of the Obama’s administration, which is a bold-faced lie if ever there were one.


But recent protests and visits to these migrant camps from the likes of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have spurred the administration into at least some sort of action lest they find torches and pitchforks outside the White House.

And it seems that their action comes in the form of a visit to these camps by Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence visited just one of the torturous holding facilities and the results did not work in Donald’s favor — in video footage of his tour, you can see agents donning face masks, people packed into chainlink holding cells like sardines, thin silver emergency blankets littering the floors. Reporters that attended that camp with Pence described the stench inside the building as “horrendous.”

All the while, Pence’s face was blank and completely devoid of even a shred of compassion or understanding as a group of men shouted from behind their chainlink prison wall, “No shower, no shower!”

Nevertheless, after leaving the torture facility, all the Vice President would say he witnessed was a “system that was overwhelmed.”

Evidently witnessing the cruelty with his own eyes did nothing to stanch his opinion that claims of blatant mistreatments, deplorable conditions and a lack of most basic human necessities were “slanderous.”

I suggest we throw him in one of those holding cells for a week and see how “slanderous” he feels those claims are then.

You can watch the video footage here:

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