Mike Pence Gets Raked Over The Coals Over Comment On George Floyd: “You Raging Hypocrite”

He should have sat this one out.

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Angry protesters have taken to the streets in Minneapolis for the third consecutive day following the murder of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer kneeled on his neck. We’ve all seen the gut-wrenching video of yet another black life taken by police officers. This time, though, the killing took place amid the raging pandemic. Americans have had it. There is too much pain already; then, we had to witness another murder by the police.

And then, Donald Trump took to Twitter to promote violence against the protesters. Actually, he was calling for them to be shot down in the streets as if their lives are meaningless. Vice President Mike Pence went on Twitter on Friday to offer his vacant thoughts on the killing of George Floyd and the protests. He really shouldn’t have. This administration is morally bankrupt, and no one needs to hear from the guy whose boss called black athletes who silently protest racial injustice by taking a knee “sons of bitches.”

Pence said, “We have no tolerance for racism in America,” while he’s working for President BothSides. “We have no tolerance for violence inspired by racism.”


You can read the rest of his meaningless words below:

Twitter users jumped in:

Have a seat, Mike.

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