Migrant Mother Begs Trump For Asylum, His Response Is Beyond Despicable

Someone like this doesn't deserve to be a leader.

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Most of us have already known and accepted that Donald Trump is a sociopath and doesn’t care about anyone other than himself. However, seeing this play out in his treatment of others has been nothing short of disturbing during his presidency.

Recently, CBS published a heartbreaking report of a migrant mother begging Trump to let them through and seek asylum. The woman, Idenia Molina Rocha, is one of the many mothers walking in the caravan hoping to give her family a better, safer future. During the report, Rocha begged the president for mercy. She said:

I would get on my knees and beg. Don’t send us back.

We’re walking and scared. You say you will militarize the border but I pray to God that with our evidence of persecution you won’t send us back. I fear for my family’s life. Please Mr. Trump, open the doors for us, I beg you.”

CBS also reported on Rocha’s comments about why she was making this journey, outlining terrifying, inhumane circumstances:


Rocha claims that pro-government forces opened fire on her 14-year-old son in July and detonated a homemade bomb that lodged shrapnel in his leg, forcing him to hobble on crutches along the caravan route. Rocha’s son said he was with a friend when they were shot at. He said his friend pushed him down and was killed. When they retreated to the mountains, he said people helped take the shrapnel out with nail clippers, but he thinks there are still pieces in his leg.

Rocha said ‘wanted’ signs for her family were posted in town, so they left Nicaragua, traversed Guatemala and eventually made it to southern Mexico. They stayed there a month and then word spread about a caravan approaching.”

Innocent families like Rocha’s are people that Trump has repeatedly accused of being terrorists and has called for more military at the border to “protect” America against. Meanwhile, while Rocha was making this plea, this is how Trump was responding to the migrant caravan, calling it a “big con.”

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