Michelle Obama Debuted Her Podcast With A Thinly-Veiled Dig At Donald Trump, Warns Americans About Sitting Out The November Vote: “We Don’t Have An Alternative”

She's taking no prisoners.

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After finishing out their two terms in the White House, the Obama family had seemingly planned to stay out of the limelight and carry on with their lives outside the political atmosphere. However, the continuous disaster that has been the Trump reign of terror has served as a proverbial lasso to pull the former First Family back out to the front lines to join the effort to defeat the worst thing that has ever happened to this country.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has now debuted the very first episode of her new podcast and she wasted absolutely no time in airing her feelings for the current administration and calling on the American public to do their Constitutional duty and rid this country of its biggest embarrassment to date come November.

During the podcast episode, the former First Couple jumped right into discussing the current state of America — in which Michelle referred to her husband as the “eternal optimist” whereas Barack revealed that his wife is a bit more on the cynical side and believes that things in this country have to get “super, super bad before folks figure stuff out.”


“Well, I hope we’re at that point…,” Michelle responded to her husband’s statement. “As cynical as I can be, I agree, we don’t have an alternative.”

Michelle explained that Barack, who she called the “yes we can man,” referring to his presidential campaign slogan, is of the belief that people in this country will learn before we “crash into the sun.”

The former First Couple admitted that the recent increase in activism among young people in this country, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, was a beacon of hope for them, as the younger demographic tends to vote Democratic. However, Michelle found herself concerned that activism wouldn’t necessarily translate into votes. She also admitted that she’s concerned that the people who are leading these protests and calls to action have so little trust in the government that they would sit out their votes.

“I hear too many young people who question whether voting, whether politics is worth it,” she stated.

Take a lesson from Michelle here, folks. IT IS WORTH IT. Please, do not waste your votes. Our lives may literally depend on it.

You can read the full report from Newsweek here.

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