Mental Health Professionals Sound The Alarm: “Donald Trump In A Second Term Would Be Unstoppable And America Might Be Changed Forever”

This is terrifying.

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many jobs out there that seem so uniquely like they attract all the worst candidates? Certainly, there are good fits for every profession or career, but some fields seem overrun with those for whom the act of them seeking that particular job marks them as unqualified for it: Cops who just want authority, Border Patrol agents who seek to limit the brown population of this nation, and perhaps most terrifying of all, presidential candidates who want to run the country in uniquely un-American ways.

That last one there is a doozy because, until 2016, we hadn’t really had a terrible candidate win. Yes, there have been bad presidents who did bad things — see Reagan’s push away from manufacturing as the basis for our economy, Nixon’s historic incompetency and corruption, and George W. Bush’s war that killed a million civilians in a country that never attacked the United States.

But Trump, as you’ll read in a few excerpts here, is our first example of a guy that everyone should have just known was the wrong guy for the job. The presidency requires humility, something Trump doesn’t have a single ounce of; it requires knowledge of government and current affairs, two things that Trump couldn’t give a 3-minute speech on; and it requires the ability to compromise, a quality anathema to Trump’s entire way of life and all publicly recorded history of his behavior.


But an article in Salon by mental health professionals Alan D. Blotcky, David M. Reiss, and John M. Talmadge paints, impossibly, an even bleaker picture than simply that we got saddled with a lemon of a president. They argue, in fact, that the qualities of Trump’s that may not have been quite so apparent to the public before the election could spell disaster not for American history, but for America’s future.

Donald Trump in a second term would be unstoppable. And America might be changed forever.

Trump seeks complete power and control. According to him, the president has absolute, all-encompassing authority. As such, Trump does not abide by norms or rules. He breaks laws with impunity. He interferes with all attempts at oversight and accountability. He believes that he is free to exert his power as he sees fit, no matter the motivation or legality or well-being of anyone other than Donald Trump.”

That much is apparent now, but we had no way of knowing before 2016 that Trump would rely so strongly on the prospect of a dictatorship. The passage above isn’t hyperbole; Trump has literally said that he interprets a particular section of the Constitution as meaning he can actually do anything he wants.

The piece goes on to list the innumerable proclivities of the president that we may never have been able to predict, but which have manifested themselves in myriad ways. But the closing of the article, although a little dark, at least offers a solution:

Trump is unfit to be president. He represents a clear and present danger to our democratic way of life. The psychopathology that underlies and fuels his wish to be an authoritarian dictator is severely malignant.

Will a new America be transformed in Trump’s image? Will the Oval Office become the seat of a dictator?

The election on Nov. 3, 2020, may well determine the future of our democracy for decades or generations to come. Vote like your life depends upon it.

It. Does.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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