Melania’s Feelings Appear To Be Hurt After People Criticized “Her Work” On Tennis Pavilion During Epidemic

How clueless can you be?

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The team here at Political Tribune, we write all day long. We spent hours parsing the meanings of what people say on a range of topics, we gather social media responses, we watch for inconsistencies in the statements of our leaders and would-be leaders. In short, all we do is think about the stuff going on in politics, in America, in Trumpworld, and around the globe — and how we can best put those things into words for our readers.

But I would be lying to you, dear readers, if I pretended to have the first idea how to express how baffling it is to see new heights of hypocrisy, tone-deafness, and obliviousness to “regular” America that comes out of the House of Trump every day. I feel almost personally attacked by my own failure to assume the worst.

On March 5, First Lady Melania Trump tweeted a picture of an ongoing project her vainglorious husband graciously allowed her to undertake: The construction of a Tennis Pavilion at the White House. Now, while the responses to that tweet predictably called out the president’s third wife for being clueless enough to think that Americans would be receptive to a progress report on such an irrelevant, wasteful project in the middle of a virus outbreak, that doesn’t seem to be the lesson that Melania gathered from the social media blowback.


Instead, she thought people were questioning “her work” in general.

And her takeaway wasn’t just that people were disrespecting “her work,” but that other people should be doing something “good & productive” themselves. But, uh, going back to that original tweet with the progress report, I am fairly certain that nobody thinks her building a big-people playground in the middle of the deadliest virus outbreak in America in years is either good or productive.

Twitter was once again not amused:

It seems like of all the languages that Melania purportedly speaks, cluelessness is her most fluent.

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