Melania Used Her Official Twitter Account To Praise Kavanaugh, Internet Responded

She's so transparent.

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Donald Trump’s wife is a phony, and for proof of that take a look at the Third Lady’s “Be Best” program that she launched just after the election. The “president” is the biggest bully on the Internet so we’re not sure sometimes if she’s trolling us, or being directed to do awful things as a distraction. It’s a toss-up really. Some people are of the notion that Melanie should be hands-off, but fuck that noise. She’s complicit in all of the drama, chaos, and corruption that we’re forced to endure ever since her husband was elected.

Christine Blasey Ford, one of Blackout Brett Kavanaugh’s credible accusers, was inundated with death threats. “Justice Kavanaugh ascended to the Supreme Court, but the threats to Dr. Ford continue,” Ford’s lawyers, Debra Katz, Lisa Banks, and Michael Bromwich, told NPR in a statement. Ford had to move her family out of their home before she even testified, and had her private information exposed online, and was even forced to hire private security. Since then, she’s had to move several more times to keep her family safe.

First Lady Melania Trump will never be a hero to the #MeToo movement. Instead, she took to Twitter to congratulate Kavanaugh following a ceremony at the Supreme Court. It’s worth noting that Melanie’s husband has also been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women.


That didn’t go down well on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Trump failed to offer her best wishes to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, after she was hospitalized after falling and fracturing three ribs.

Be Best, Melania.

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