Melania Takes To Twitter To Announce That The US Stands With France During COVID-19 Outbreak, Social Media Responds: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Your Husband Stood With The United States”

I suppose we're just chopped liver.

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Melania Trump’s Marie Antoinette vibes have been working overtime since the coronavirus outbreak struck the United States thanks in large part to her husband’s ignorance of the issue when he was warned about the pandemic literally months ago.

Over the course of this deadly outbreak, the First Lady has donned her “Let them eat cake!” attitude in the form of:

  • bragging about a tennis court she’s having remodeled at the White House (how nice of her to do that for the family that will replace them in a few short months)
  • suggesting that Americans “read a book” during their quarantine time despite the fact that millions are now out of work and struggling to make the rent
  • and declaring that the public should avoid misinformation about the virus while her husband continues to truck on as the misinformation king

Frankly, much like her spouse, she’s done absolutely nothing that’s actually helpful in any conceivable way. Yet here she is, back on Twitter with yet another tidbit that’s entirely useless in the large scheme of things and serves no purpose in combating the fatal illness.


In a social media announcement this afternoon, the First Lady declared that the United States stands strong with the people of France as the world tries to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today I spoke with Mrs. Brigitte Macron of #France. The United States stands with the French people as we work to defeat the #COVID19 pandemic,” Melania’s tweet reads, leaving me to wonder if she conducted this conversation in that “perfect” French she supposedly speaks. 

While I think it’s fantastic that the US is working closely with other nations throughout this crisis, it’s impossible for me to ignore the fact that she’s still done next to nothing, along with her husband, to actually do anything productive for the United States. It was clearly impossible for other Twitter users to ignore as well:

Stick to the tennis courts, Mel. Because you are absolutely no help to anyone.

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